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We are a Vancouver, Canada based team that has grown to appreciate the complexities of the Energy and Commodities markets. The company was founded by Max Tikhomolov in 2019, after spending a number of years implementing, building and advising on various Energy Trading & Risk technology solutions. While his core platform has been Openlink Endur, throughout his career he has worked with Allegro, Triplepoint CXL and Zainet, along with a number of market data software solutions. The goal for Rossby Energy is to take the knowledge gained from the years of experience within the team and apply latest technologies to the most challenging business problems. Rossby's Software Development organization consists of global experts in Microsoft Azure and other Cloud providers, along with a strong Python and C# development team. 

Why Choose Rossby Energy
Industry Expertise

We bring more than a development team. Our team understands the complex needs of today's Energy and Commodity Organizations


Our staff has been delivering marquee programs for the past decade. Choosing us will ensure your goals are achieved

Best Support

Our company is built on continuous relationships, we aim to assist your organization beyond the project and into future growth

About Rossby Energy

Our vision is to provide the Energy Industry insights through use of top technologies available in the market. For the past decade, our team of dedicated professionals has worked with top Energy Trading organizations and ETRM software to develop and implement innovative solutions for today’s energy markets. We are always looking to learn and improve upon best practices seen in the markets. Our platform represents a vision that has turned into reality and we are excited to bring cutting-edge real-time technology to the Energy and Commodities commercial space.

Meet Rossby Energy's Founder



Max Tikhomolov

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We are here to help you anytime

For more information, call us at   1 (778) 909-1090
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