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We provide Trading Technology Advisory, looking to partner with commercial operations of Power, Gas, Renewable, Oil, LNG and Agricultural sectors.

Our team's expertise brings experience and knowledge specialized to solve complex problems for Energy and Commodity Trading firms. We have dealt with the entire life-cycle of a trade from pre-trade analytics to settlements. We have worked on PnL reporting, End-of-Day, Automated Trade Entry and Exchange integration, ICE eConfirm and TradeVault, EFETNET, SAP & Oracle integration, Enverus/Zema/Morningstar market data solutions. Our approach is to work with you to identify the highest value added items and utilize one of our proven methodologies to solve. 


We are constantly involved with some of the largest ETRM projects in the industry and are able to bring top expertise to you. Whether it is an implementation or an upgrade of an ETRM system or a strategic initiative to improve business processes, we are here to help you navigate and utilize the top tools in the market to get things done.


Top Funcionality

We deliver on our promise to provide best solutions for your needs. We also continue to develop a long-term road map to ensure your business is set for the future


Top Flexibility

Our development team offers fast turn-around on complex development problems by utilizing today's top technologies


Top Support

We look to build long-lasting relationships which we recognize are based on continued support for our clients. Our support team is available 24/7 to address issues as they come up

We are here to help you anytime

Contact Us: 1 778-909-1090
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