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Numerical flows has been built to solve for most complex challenge - displaying ETRM and associated trading data at a fast-pace and at scale. 

We took the best elements of the Python framework and combined it with the detailed ETRM data model to produce and efficient, event-driven web-application that can display any data set desired. Unlike many of our competitors, we have deconstructed the traditional relational model to produce a flattened output that will perform as your business grows. Using Cloud architecture, we are able to fit the application infrastructure exactly to Your needs. Security is also at the top of our minds, and we utilize some of the top tools to ensure your data is secure and resides as per your company's security policies. We offer flexibility like no other, as the framework allows for simple feature additions and we recognize our clients' needs to adhere to their business model. We look forward to working with you and contact us to learn more!


The interactive application is built on Django framework to provide an easy to use experience that is available on desktops and laptops, as well as mobile and tablet devices. It is designed to show high-level executive views, such as portfolio summaries, as well as detailed drill-downs going down to individual transaction level. It is also capable of analyzing day-over-day and historical results, as snapshots are taking throughout to ensure that on top of real-time capabilities, you're able to access critical historical points.


Top Funcionality

We deliver on our promise to provide best solutions for your needs. We also continue to develop a long-term road map to ensure your business is set for the future


Top Flexibility

Our development team offers fast turn-around on complex development problems by utilizing today's top technologies


Top Support

We look to build long-lasting relationships which we recognize are based on continued support for our clients. Our support team is available 24/7 to address issues as they come up

We are here to help you anytime

Contact Us: 1 778-909-1090
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